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Explore the World as we live it...

We welcome you to join us for a day of expansion & creation....


    STEFANIE DAWN                                NORA NIVENS

The Butterfly Effect, the idea that small things can have non-linear effects in a complex system. 


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Has the last couple of years, months, weeks left you feeling depleted, hopeless and full of questions?

  • Are you tired of working endless hours for the same amount of money?

Heading into Fall, this LIVE space is an opportunity to fall into a new space with yourself with the guidance of Nora & Stefanie

Imagine waking up and a smile coming over your face because you are excited about the day. 


Imagine travelling and doing things you LOVE to do with a sense of financial ease.


Imagine when you’re faced with a challenge that your stomach stays calm, your heart opens and a sparkle glimmers in your eye. 




An intimate setting where you, we, us, can journey with the practical and magical aspects of Human Design and the Quantum Field to change the system in your body, mind and soul that is holding you back. To change the way we see and experience life day to day. We will explore our relationship with our Supernatural God and you will learn how Nora and Stefanie have both built 6 figure businesses from the ground up using simple medicine that we ALL have access to. 

This is a space to learn, apply and experience The Butterfly Effect on a cellular and soul level. 

"Wealth in the right hands will change humanity"

We are journeying through a time where the Earth’s Systems and frequencies are aligning to support this prolific change. 




September 25th, we invite you to journey with us as we share:

  • Knowledge

  • Investments

  • Experience

  • Processes 

  • Practical Application

  • Intention

Our time together will consist of methods to INNERSTAND and utilize the power of your unique genetic coding and how it relates to what is keeping YOU stuck or stagnant.


We will teach you HOW to identify what programming, templates and conditioning are and HOW these programs keep you looping.

We have the intention to teach you how to use your innate, God given abilities to shine your light unapologetically into the world the way only YOU were created too; with your organic blueprint.

The Butterfly Effect is about breakthrough. 

This day is about understanding the depths of the gifts you have to offer this world and how to make them manifest. 

This day is about becoming the CEO of your life and living to your highest God given potential. And we are here to walk you through it step-by-step. 

Quantum Education
Understanding your Human Design Theory

High Vibe LUNCH

Human Design Practical Application Workshop
Quantum Field Journey 
Sound Bath with Megan Tank

You will need to bring:
Yoga Mat, Journal or Notepad, Pen or Pencil, Water or Electrolytes, a Sweater or Small Blanket incase you get chilly.

Sept 25, 2022, 10:00 a.m. MDT
Treehouse South in C-space King Edward

Questions? Find Stefanie & Nora on Instagram or EMAIL us at

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