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Hi There, I'm Stefanie...


I was born November 18th in Calgary, Canada as a Tropical Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon and Virgo Rising- which makes me a 2/4 Manifesting Generator on the Right Angle Cross of Contagion 2.
From an early age i've always had a passion for both business and creativity and as soon i was out of high school i opened up my first storefront salon at 19 years old.
This experience taught me a lot about belief, trust & the mechanics of manifestation and
bringing dreams to reality. 
For much of my younger years i was overweight, bullied and picked on so i learned early how to love and accept myself regardless of anyone's perception of me. 
After opening my salon, i really felt it in my heart to start to make changes to my lifestyle because i was becoming continually frustrated that my exterior didn't match what i had in my heart. 
From there i lost over 100lbs and fell in love with a healthy & fit lifestyle and went back to school to get my personal training, group fitness and holistic nutrition certifications. 
And as it does, this opened up doors to becoming heavily involved in the health & fitness industry for years, teaching, coaching and eventually opening up my own boutique fitness studio inside a popular hotel chain. 
In my quest of getting to know myself at deeper levels and seeing what else i was capable of - in 2015 i "accidentally" came across something called Human Design which absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. Needless to say from that night forward i've spent the last 7 years experimenting, deconditioning, training, certifying and becoming as knowledgeable and understanding as possible with Human Design. That also lead me to train with some of the best Human Design trailblazers, discover & study the Gene Keys and create a unique understanding of the true depths of genetic coding. 
Even though it is difficult to tell my life story without writing you a novel - those are some of the biggest keynotes that have lead me to right here and right now. 
My work now is a true embodiment of my creativity, education, practical skill, experience and in depth understanding of flowing through the shifts of life in purpose and with power. 
I've transformed my life, over and over again - & it is a joy to help guide you through your next big breakthrough(s).

If you're feeling called to work together - you can check out my online service menu or come visit me in studio. I would love to have you and create magic together.

  Ciao babes. xo 

Stefanie Dawn
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